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Here's a message from Bobbie Sellers, the contact person for CWest/AWest
of San Francisco.  She gave me permission to post it.  So for all of those
who are in California or planning to visit California, the below is most

					Robert Bernardo
					Fresno Commodore User Group

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    The list of dealers from before with some additions.
 HSC Electronic Supply -- What's New?

Alan Swithenbank adds:
 Halted often has a lot of cool stuff, and an excellent annual
 parking lot sale...but they are becoming cherry pickers in the
 extreme...for example, providing Sun systems with custom control
 boards, and pulling the boards out of them, then selling you the
 system and the control board separately. Not the you could ever use
 them separately...they are getting less of less of my scrounging
 business as time goes on

 Software & Stuff

      Anyway both have a wide variety of stuff interesting to
 hobbyists but S & S features this month a 9 gigabyte SCSI hard
 drive for $29.95.

    and Alan Swithenbank adds the following:
 not sure what they are selling this week, but WeirdStuff Warehouse
 generally has a good selection of drives, and will find them for
 you, too.

 Disk Drive Depot is a good place for refurbs, duplicators and


    bobbie sellers - (Back to Angband) Team *Amiga*
         AWest (San Francisco's Amiga Users Group) 
            bliss at california dot com

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