Re: Expansion PCBs

From: Jeri Ellsworth (
Date: 2001-05-14 08:56:14

> For some of my upcoming project releases I am
> intending to base them on
> recycled game cartridges. As you might have gathered
> from some of my other
> postings these are intended to be predominantly
> based on the SuperGames and
> MagicDeskI cartridges.
I'm not really sure.  I really didn't pay attention to

> Is there a reliable source today that stocks
> prototyping PCBs with a 44pin
> double sided card edge at a similar price to the
> above option? Datel used to
> have versitile cartridge boards. PC ISA boards are
> US$40+
I think digi key has proto boards for the commodore
still.  A person could make a batch of them for very
little $$$.  Maybe $5 a piece.


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