Off/On Topic, et cetera.

From: R.Thibodeau (
Date: 2001-05-12 17:18:04

Hello Everyone,
    Some of you will undoubtedly not recognise my name, this is because I am
a complete lurker. I have no ongoing projects to report, my main interest in
this list is to build up my hobby-level interest in electronics and to see
what other CBM'ers are doing. In short, I will generally not have anything
to contribute to the list, as some of the discussions are way over my head.

    However, the discussion  of what is or is not on-topic drew my
attention. 18 Emails discussing the nature of the list and debating whether
a smaller number of other posts are on topic and/or suggesting a new list be
created, is a bit much.

    So at the risk of posting yet another (admittedly) off-topic post, I
would like to point out two important facts that seem to have been
forgotten. List membership is a voluntary thing. Nobody forces anyone to be
a member of the list, nor does anybody force anyone to read every bit of
Email that makes it across the list. As Ojala Pasi has pointed out, a lot of
people are underestimating the versatility of a delete key (or equivalent
key combo).
    Secondly, as has been thoroughly pointed out, this list is for technical
discussions relating to CBM computers/peripherals... Perhaps a new list for
debating whether posts are on or off topic would be a better use of a new
mailinglist. ;)

    I'm going back to my hiding spot now that I've made my rant. Please, if
you wish to critique my post send me *private* email. Thank you.


PS. You rock, Jeri!

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