Fw: OZ-board

From: Ruud Baltissen (Ruud.Baltissen_at_abp.nl)
Date: 2001-05-11 10:24:37

Hallo allemaal,

> Perhaps, a block /functional diagram would help generate more constructive
> feedback at this early stage.

I made a block-diagram in textform. Theoretically you should be able to read
it. But.... it is more then 80 chars wide so the text will wrap around for
some readers. That's why I attached it as a ZIP.

The document I sent you is meant to be understood for everyone with at least
some technical skills. So if you don't understand something, PLEASE PLEASE
tell me. My ultimate goal is that everyone with at least some knowledge of
electronics should at least understand where I am talking about.

Here is a summary of what the card should be able of:
- hardware emulation of any 65xx-processor with an 8-bit data bus [1]
- realtime debugger including stepmode
- logic analyser
- hardware emulation of ANY cartridge for the C64/128 [2]

- maybe other processors as well like some 68xx's, Z80
- there is a frequency limit due to the capabilities of the CPU of the PC

** BLINK **  This means a BIG bulb flashing above my head.
There was some discussion about that emulating the SCPU was very hard
because it run on 14 (20?) MHz and that would be too fast. Why? Nick said
that the exists cores capable of running up to 50 MHz on a PC. The moment
the SCPU transfers data from/to the C64/128, thus the OZ-card, it does it at
1 or 2 MHz. And that we can manage. The rest is PURE software, no transfers
from/to the OZ-card. So full CPU-speed.
What about that ????

Groetjes, Ruud


begin 666 oz-card.zip
M;IM0$-U;\C_,JAL7.^DBJ\82#5&*5,<N2916LB)A@R*D""+ 7?'QO2_N<W#!
ML2UU%A;,G9DS9QZ QZ.)YWD3Z!;SG-[A,AF/&F+0['%GY]="Y@T$<1U#D)7I
M#,1'RE7B3-9=0^ARX0O!O2F*AZ" B:(7G2A\-8L>A/?"RM<G5,1H8,6I;!P0
M' 31O((<8<3#,NX%(IC<+T+))&4@V6F9`,@]<1TP8TOA6@DFT>Q9,N$@^3F8
MP+&90!3\GGWS&9?A(,X#$B#+WW=UI5LA?OP=>^R>! O?Z G RX<@/F%*77."
M-!^/_@)02P$"% `4````" "R0ZLJL>"3/7X"```T$0``# `````````!`" `

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