RE: C64 vs 128's font.
Date: 2001-05-11 04:41:08

My personal preference is a dark border, and leave the char/background
colour the standard. The border change is enough of a visual que to say that
something different is installed in this machine.

If the whole scheme is up for change, char=border is perhaps the way to go.
That way programs using reverse characters, but don't set colours (eg stuff
ported from PETs or written to operate on all CBM BASIC machines still look

Regarding PETSCII versus ISO, I propose we follow the C65 example. PETSCII
default, by setting a bit in the VIC you get another font charset (this
could be ISO). That is a 4k CHAR ROM, rather than 2k. In fact, I have a
100fonts, so one possibility is the font mapping register be several bits
which address a larger ROM 8k or 32k. If the charROM was an external 27xxx
28pin socket it could be customised for international requirements also.

Does your expansion have a "new VIC" feature as does the VIC-III in a C65.
The feature means it always powers up on VIC compatible mode, but once a key
is written to it, the additional registers become available? I figure they
did this for software /mapping compatibility.

- Nick


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