Re: C64 vs 128's font.

From: Carlsson, Anders (
Date: 2001-05-10 14:42:27

Jeri Ellsworth asked:

> I'm curious which font people prefer and what start up colors?

Actually, I think I like the VIC-20 font better than the C64 font.
However, the VIC font might be too thin on a high resolution display.

If I get to select any combination of colours, I prefer a dark border 
and some lighter background - typically blue (6) border and cyan (3) 
foreground. For an all-blue style, use light-blue (14) foreground,
although black (0) could work too.

POKE 53280,6:POKE 53281,3:POKE 646,14:PRINT CHR$(147);

/Anders Carlsson
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