Re: Web archive available

From: Mark (
Date: 2001-05-09 18:32:42

On 09-May-01, peter karlsson wrote:
>> How far back does your archive go?
> December 1999. I didn't have any older messages saved. (There are a number
> of messages that get stamped as "January 1st 1970", but those all stem from
> messages where the poster has used software that is not Y2K safe). There's
> currently about 2400 messages in the archive, and it's searcheable.

I believe I have most messages from November 1997 to the present. I might have
deleted a few spam messages, and of course the occasional ISP glitch might
mean I missed some.

They are in a fairly usable format; a separate file for each message. If you
would like me to archive and upload them, just let me know. I could create a
gzipped tar archive. Also, the file naming convention means you could
determine the order in which the messages arrived in my mailbox; so you can
assign a more-or-less accurate posting date to those messages with 1970 dates
in the headers.

-- Mark

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