Translation of IFLI source code
Date: 2001-05-03 10:33:25

Hi All,

I have found an example of IFLI source code on the internet, but it is
partly documented in a non-english language (my guess is Czech). Examples
from file below....

Would someone be kind enough be kind enough to translate some parts of it if
I mailed it to them (my software translator is useless.....)


; $7f40 - $7fab informace pro $d021 Line 0-99
; $7fac - $7fff unused                           
; $8000 - $83e8 barvy pro COLOR RAM $d800

;tady prijde soubor presmerovat na novou adresu $c000

;($8400 - $92b0 se uklada zobrazovaci rutina)

; $c000 - $dfff 8*VideoRam 2
; $e000 - $ff3f GraficScreen 2
; $ff40 - $ffa3 dalsi informace pro $d021 Line 100-199

;Lenth 33692 bytes
;definice kernalovych vektoru
jsr chrin    ;cte hlavicku souboru


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