RE: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Pinxteren R.van (Ramses) (
Date: 2001-05-02 09:07:20

Hi all,

I was just reading through my backlog and I think this whole thing is
getting out of hand. I think we first need to ask Jeri what the current
status is of the replacement. Is it just a video card or have you already
completely redisigned the mobo?

If you haven't, what steps do you need to take to make one? 

And how easy would it be with the current setup, to add and remove

What are the current specs. (CPU, bus, etc) I think I need to have that
clear before I can say or suggest anything.

The options I have seen passed are:

-"Geek port" either as a completely new port or an expansion to the user
-CBM-serial port
-RS-232 port
-IEEE port
-full C64 compatibility vs. dressed down C128 compatibility.
-normal parallel port
-Video card capable of 1280*1024 (Or was it 1200*1024???)
-PC-keyboard connector

The question to Jeri is: What are you plans till now? can you do this, do
you need help, can we do something for you?

I think the optionslist would call for a modular OS. you could take a look
at Linux. If the system is fast enough, you could try to rebuild the OS in C
or C++. I like the idea:
insmod geekport.o
Searching Geekport.o
Geekport is found at $XXXXX
Geekport.o is inserted.


Another idea I have is loading the OS from flash. Flash is getting cheaper
by the second so we should look at it I think. 

I would also suggest to make Geos (or a modern substitute of it) the default
graphics shell. Perhaps this also can be redesigned to be interwoven in the

I was just thinking about it.

Ramses van Pinxteren

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