RE: C-128 and Jeri board

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2001-05-01 17:24:16

> I think a larger "geek port" would be a better
> replacement for the user port.

yup; geek port would be good.

> I've sketch out how a "narrow" zorro bus may
> config on amiga is really cool.


> > Other desireable features include ETHERNET, IDE,
> > USB,
> ahem... I'm not going to say anything here for sake of
> preventing a flame fest.

teehee.  Yes, obviously all we need is ethernet,
USB and perhaps FireWire :-)  Oh, and geek.

No need for IDE; just connect a USB HD, like the
LaCie pocketdrive (which also supports firewire,
for fast links to other machines).

> > I won't be satisfied until I can connect my
> > cable-modem to my Super-64 and browse the web with
> > full graphics  :)
> :) me too.


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