RE: Video Card Update.

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-05-01 16:36:48

That would be great.  To stand so close to the edge of such an amazing
upgrade is truely hard to comprehend.

I'm sure that, one way or another, a C128 patch will follow the '64 release
and render this whole problem obsolete, especially since Ms. Ellsworth has
already put in support for it (VDC).

The first program I hope to see supporting it would be some sort of image
viewer.  Patches for GEOS to be able to use some of these modes would be
great also.  Getting a higher horizontal resolution out of GEOS is no
problem -- vertical resolutions higher than 255 may be tough, however, on
the existing architecture.

My compatibility question still stands, however.  Does anyone know how it
interfaces?  Will it behave as a C64 cart?  That is, forcing a C128 into '64
mode, but working otherwise fine?  I heard some mention that it would need
to be patched onto the '64 motherboard in some specific way... is that still

- Bo

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If I had the necessary programming skill to patch or
re-write these programs I would do it. Really, I'm
bogged down rewriting programs to work on my CMD

It is my hope that programmers will be able to take up
the challenge. Isn't there a fellow rewriting GEOWrite
128 to use the Wheels Kernal? Didn't Maurice hack
Flight Sim II to run from a RAMLink? Aren't there
folks hacking games to run on SuperCPU?

If you really value these programs and want them to
take advantage of new hardware, I suggest you start
disassembling. That's what I do, anyway. Some I get to
work and some I don't.

As for GEOS/Wheels, it is up to Maurice to decide what
hardware his OS will support. As I see it, Wheels and
especially Wave would benefit ENORMOUSLY from the
advanced graphics and acceleration offered by Jeri's
card. I HOPE he will give it serious consideration.

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