RE: Video Card Update.

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-05-01 04:32:50

That's very fair, and I understand that the VDC is a weak chip far surpassed
by Jeri's hardware, but consider this:

Will you promise to rewrite CadPak 128 within the first few months of the
cards existence?
What about GEOS 128?

Are these so easily dismissed as "unneeded"?

- Bo

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Hiya Bo,

If you think about it, the advanced features provided
by Jeri's card far exceed anything offered by the VDC.
The only reason to emulate the VDC would be to run
C-128 specific legacy software which uses the VDC.

Any new software requiring better than VIC-II
resolution/color can use the new features of Jeri's
card. There is no longer a need for VDC programs.

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> I checked out this page, and also the one regarding
> VDC video modes.  I
> believe I can answer the question posed there.
> You ask "Why would anyone want VDC modes?  They
> suck!"
> True enough about the VDC mode sucking, perhaps.
> However, a very large
> number of serious Commodore hobbiests have long
> abandoned their breadbox
> C64's for C128s of various stripes.  The request for
> VDC video modes is for
> one principle reason:  a dire hope for a C128
> version of this card.
> Simple!
> To be sure, most Commodore users in general are C64
> owners.  However,
> without any data to back up the following claim, I
> would almost venture to
> say that the great majority of your target market,
> namely Power Commodore
> Users, use C128s.  These users are enthusiastic
> about the card whether it is
> C128 compatible or not, simply because they assume
> they will be able to use
> it with the C64 mode of their C128.  That doesn't
> keep them from hopeing,
> however.
> Of course, this entire essay is extremely biased, as
> I am one of those
> people.  Which is why the burning question in my
> mind is:
> Will I have to go pull a breadbox C64 out of storage
> to use your card?

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