Re: 16MHz 65C02 (was RE: Doorst: rechten commodore)
Date: 2001-04-30 14:29:53

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 wrote:

> >How did they get a 16Mhz 65c02? Does WDC make them
> >that fast?
> According to the WDC page they do /did.  From what I've read about the Atari
> Lynx, they use the core die and glue it together in a package with some of
> the other functions.  There's even a hack on the net to replace the 16MHz
> crystal with a 24MHz, and the handheld still works. So the WDC core must be
> capable of over clocking beyond the 20MHz spec. Any body tried over-clocking
> the SCPU?

We did a half-hearted attempt, trying to run it at 25mhz (with a 50mhz xtal
pack), and decided that the RAMs, per minumum, were too slow.  I also
suspect that the PLD may quite possibly be too slow as well. :/

We _did_, however, underclock it to ~14mhz, which proves that the scpu can
run at about any given speed while in turbo mode.


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