Re: I may have the name!!!

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2001-04-28 02:25:50

An anagram generator will take all the letters of whatever you submit
and try to produce words, phrases or names using all the letters (no,
more, no less).

If you do a Yahoo search for anagram generators you will find a bunch -
many you submit what you want to be 'anagrammed' and your e-mail address
and it will e-mail you a list of several hundred anagrams (some try to
be logical in usage syntax to reduce all the junk anagrams generated).

An anagram to my full name is:  "No Orderly Standard", cool huh?

I like:
dam mechanical mirage  (that's what I hear from the pee cee groups when
I talk about Commodore or Amiga...)
ufo ultima insect women  (Yeah, I like B movies... what of it?)

BTW JAM is the name of a composite to VGA converter...  :-/

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