Re: IEC CBM 720

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-04-24 08:45:19

Christian Stich wrote:
> Don't know, but when Voelkner Elektronik in Germany was closing out the
> remaining CBM 710/720 machines in 1988/89 they also sold an adaptor that
> plugged into the cassette port to allow you to hook up IEC devices.  The
> adaptor was barely bigger than a cassette connector with an IEC port at the
> back, so chances are that it didn't contain any electronics.

That's correct, there was a text processor cartridge for the CBM-II
series that contained the code access CBM serial devices via that
adaptor on the cassette port. And I think it was Ullrich von Bassewitz
who made a new kernal for the CBM-II that has that serial support
already built in. His homepage should be easy to find, it also has the
cc65 compiler.


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