From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-04-24 00:39:59

I don't know anything about the 710/720, so its
difficult to answer.

What drives the datasette on this computer? If its a
6522 or 6526, then presumably the same hardware MIGHT
be used to drive an IEC buss.

Once the necessary connections are made between the
I/O chip and the DIN socket, you would have to write
your own driver for the port. This would of course
allow one to connect 1541 and 1525 type devices. That
would be cool  ;)

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> Well, I can't be certain, of course.  I've seen a
> whole lot of hacks,
> though, and if this is one, it is a very good one. 
> Especially in the
> mounting of the ports in the back.
> Either way, as the picture demonstrated, a set of
> three wires run from the
> IEC ports to the datasette port.  This set of wires
> has been cut cleanly,
> rendering them useless.
> My question is more this:  Whether it was Commodore,
> or a previous owner,
> what was this person up to?  Is such a hack even
> POSSIBLE in a 710/720?  Can
> Commodore Serial disk drives be driven from the
> lines in the datasette
> port?!?!

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