Re: IEEE488 electrical specs

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2001-04-23 10:47:19

Bruce Phipps wrote:
> I can't remember who was saying about visiting the IEEE site for specs, but I
> recently looked on for IEEE488.

The official URL is, but that probably boils down the very same

> It came back with some 8 matches, but when I went to have a look at one, I
> got asked for a username and password. Reading the small print, it looks like
> you have to subscribe to IEEE before you can download anything. 
Hmm. I tried obtaining a copy through the local Student Branch of IEEE, but
they estimated that it would boil down to about $ 30. That's a little bit
too much, considering that I think I have enough data now.

Then again; I was told that my University has made a nice deal with IEEE
regarding this things.

> Is there another IEEE site, or are some specs free and others not?

"Open standards" don't neccisarily mean that they can be obtained for free..

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