Re: Help fixing broken keys

From: R.Thibodeau (
Date: 2001-04-20 14:53:15

> I was just wondering if those stems can be bought
> somewthere. They seem like a very generic part, and
> keyboard technology doesn't seem to have advance very
> quickly. Perhaps some keyboard manufacturers still use
> the same stems?

      I'm not entirely sure if this will help, but figured I'd toss it out
In a recent electronic component catalog I've recieved, I noticed that
someone is still selling Commodore keyboards.
     The keyboards are the 66 key C-16 keyboards. They may be usable for
parts or for for whatever.

part#                            Desc
1-9         10+
04KB16        66key Commodore Keyboard KB16       $3.95    $2.95

Electronix  Express
365 Blair Road
Avenel  NJ  07001

Phone: 1-800-972-2225


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