Re: IEEE488 electrical specs

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-04-20 13:33:07

Hallo Martijn,

> 8751's are "common as muck". Hfl 5,-- at Display electronica
> (and you actually get a 8752, which has more RAM and timers..)

I'll remember that, thanks for the info.

> > AFAIK I don't have anything about the 8741 and 8742. If you have any
> > on these, I would be glad if you could help me with the specs of these,
> > please.
> At second thought, I might have that particular info at home. I collected
> a few databooks a few weeks ago, which I haven't really checked yet..

I've found the info at Intel site thanks to David.

> I don't know the 8041 quite well, but I seem to recall that it only had
> one (external) interrupt line. The 8051 has two of them, and I intended
> to use both of them (so that I can simply see if I got an 'IEC-ATN' or
> an 'IEEE' one :)

I've found some 8031's and used 8051's as well. Add an EPROM and let's

> You lost me somehwere; what's a POD? It sounds like In-cicuit emulators
> somehow.

Yep. They were throwing a whole load of emultors away. I collected some and
managed two make two working emulators out of it. But I stopped using the
8051 some years ago. I offered the emulators to some people for free but
nobody wanted them. So I took out the POD's and scrapped the rest.

Groetjes, Ruud

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