Re: PC20-III

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-04-20 08:00:10

On Thu, 19 Apr 101 wrote:

> So now I only need a binary of Linux that runs on the PC20-III, Can you 
> help me to one, please?

There is a stripped-down version of the Linux kernel (and maybe some
utilities) that is called ELKS (Embeddable Linux Kernel Subset).  A couple
of years ago when I checked the project's status, they had apparently been
testing it on 80286 hardware only, and having trouble with instructions
like ROR AX,n not existing in the 8086.  (There the amount of bits to be
shifted must be either 1 or specified by the CL register.)

There seems to be something at <URL:>.
The latest release is over one year old.

According to the ELKS FAQ (accessible from that site), ELKS runs also on
the 8088.  Hmm, I got a 8088 motherboard for free some years ago (I took
it because of the memory chips).  Should I maybe try to set it up as a
firewall or router?  Nope, the network stuff is missing from ELKS. :-)


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