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Date: 2001-04-18 21:26:40

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> Hallo allemaal,
> I received a Commodore CDTV for free this afternoon. I only got the black 
> metal case. "only" because the front says "Remote" so I presume there 
> should be a remote conrol with it, and the back has a PS/2 like input for a 
> keyboard.
> I know you can put CD's in it and that's all I know. I opened it and saw 
> familiar IC's like the 68000, 8520 and 6526. 

Right.  It's an Amiga in black clothing.  You can even boot it off of an
Amiga floppy drive with AmigaDOS.
> Some questions:
> - What exactly is it?

A set-top Amiga for audio CDs and some games.

> - What kind if CD's must be put in it?

CDDA.  CD-TV disks (special AmigaDOS stuff plus programs/data).  CD+G if
you can find any - it will play the graphics, too.

> - The keyboard input misses one hole. I haven't the specs by hand so I 
> cannot tell if this pin is not used with a real PS/2 keyboard. What 
> keyboard can I attach?

There was a CD-TV keyboard option, plus I bought a CD-TV -> Amiga DIN-5
keyboard cable when I had mine.  I used an A2000 keyboard with it.  I also
rigged up a D-Net cable, booted it from a D-Net floppy with the NetKeys
handler from my main A1000, and used one keyboard/mouse for both computers
(you moved the mouse to the edge of one screen and it jumped to the other
and sent mouse/keyboard events through Intuition via the NetKeys handler).

This was a long time ago, probably ten years, that I did this.

> - Has it some value, I mean as collector item?

A little.  I bought one new for $800 USD and it was stolen a few months
later.  Got full reimbursement on insurance.

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