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Date: 2001-04-19 05:22:27

Pardon, this is in HTML...   I found the article I had on the CDTV which
explains its differences to an A500:

The CDTV is an Amiga A500+ based computer with the addition of a A2091
compatible SCSI controller, The CDTV uses a 68000 running at 7.14 Mhz,
The CPU is a 16 bit external 32 bit internal (Like the 386 CPU) processor.
The memory is a 1 Meg ZIPs like installed in the A3000 and is used as chip
The CDTV uses the Enhanced Denise (ECS) which controls the display,
A 1 Meg Fat Angus (OCS) which is used to map the memory and assign address
for all auto config devices, A standard Paula for 12 bit stereo 4 channel
sound (Max),
It uses the DMAC chip out of the A2091 (which is why the Sysinfo picks up a
full A2091).
This chip controls the Direct memory access for the CD-ROM and the optional
SCSI controller
card, There is one internal connector ( The Diagnostic connector) which
holds most of the signals
out of a A500 side expansion port & Zorro 2 port. The CDTV has the following
standard Amiga
external ports:    Serial, Parallel (Centronics, Not bi-directional), Disk
Drive (For Amiga external drives),
Video port (For connecting to Amiga compatible monitors and modulators,
Needs CDTV modulator
to be present, Genlock images from CD1300/1301 passed to video port),
Composite out (On all modulators),
2 Phono sound plugs (Left & right) (Sound also available through modulator
(Scart & RF only).
The following are CDTV only:
Mouse/Joystick: This connector is for wired mice and joysticks and is a
standard SVHF plug.
(Optional tracker ball and briquette fits here to).
Keyboard: For the CDTV keyboard, SVHF LIKE plug (Missing a pin).
(Keyboard & plug like on the A4000)
IR port: This is for the CDTV joypad/IR mouse/ Tracker ball, It uses a VCR
like IR signal
(Not suitable for IRDA file transfer).
Proprietary memory card slot: Under the LCD display is a removable cover,
Behind is a slot for
a 64 or 256 KB memory which can be mounted as a drive or added as memory,
(See extras page
for picture and more info on memory card).

Difference between the CDTV & A500+.

The CDTV is not a standard A500+ in a black case, It has been redesigned
using the A500+ as a base, The motherboard is square and contains an inbuilt
SCSI controller supplying 70% of the standard SCSI signals, This is done to
interface with
the Panasonic CD-ROM at the time which didn't need the full 1 meg band width
as a single
speed CD-ROM only transmits 150 Kb of data, This also reduced the cost of
the CDTV.
The CDTV had two chips built in to work with the kickstart making the boot
menu nicer
and a prefs program, CD player & screen savers added.
The CDTV also includes a memory card slot described above for saving game
without the need for a disk drive, The CDTV was one of the first to use a
memory card for this use
but now all games machines use them, The card was battery backed up and had
a write enable/disable
switch. This can not be added to a A500 due to the space not being made
available and so not available
in the A570 CDTV add-on for the A500. The CDTV also had the joy/mouse ports
retargeted to an
infra red port on the from of the CDTV, This can now be added to any Amiga
but the CDTV was the
only one to have it originally.
The CDTV is not an A500+ or any other Amiga, It is a combination of Amigas
best technology
which makes the CDTV one of the stylish Commodore Amiga computers ever

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