Re: PC20-III

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-04-17 15:36:24

Hallo Bryan,

> Did you change the BIOS to the proper hard drive type?  A 20 MB HD will
> have a type (from 1 to 46, I believe) and the 100 MB *may* be one of

Some centuries ago there existed PC's which had a BIOS which didn't know of
the existance of harddisk at all. Then came the AT with some preprogrammed
types. The one you mean is type 4: 620 tracks, 4 heads, 17 sectors. Those
were the days that I had to hack these ROMs for the simple reason that until
1990 type 47 simply didn't exist. That were also the days that the SETUP had
to be run from a floppy and OH WEEH if your PC didn't dig your floppy with
the setup program :(

> Otherwise, you need to pick type 47.

We thanked God on our bare knees for this !!!

> If the BIOS isn't able to autodetect the new HD....

Another miracle for us "old" guys :)

To be short: the PC20-III is a pre-AT type PC which strictly speaking
shouldn't know anything of harddisks. Let stand the onboard IDE-interface.
Therefor I see it as an hacked PC with a non-standard HD-interface. And
being non-standard the question now is how one can change settings, IF IT IS

Groetjes, Ruud

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