Re: Silly 8050 question

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2001-04-16 17:09:54

William Levak wrote:
> You need to remove the keyboard from the computer (there are screws on the
> top and bottom edge). 

[ .. snip... ]

That's exactly what I *intended* to do, and how I explained cleaning PET
keyboards to a bunch of people by now. However, this beast is entirely 
different. The numerical pad is a *seperate* construction, for instance,
and every key is seperately soldered to the board. The B keyboard seems
to be totally different - it has some obscure keys like TAB, ESC and
REPEAT for instance.

> > The 8050 however is giving me headaches. It worked as a charm when I turned
> > it on after some cleaning and a visual check. However, halfway during 
> > a backup from drive 0 to drive 1, a thick white smoke came out from the
> > small shielded area behind the power supply. I've opened it up, but there's
> > no visual damage whatsoever, and the unit still works like a charm. So, 
> > my question is (What's that for an introduction :):
> It was probably dirt or a bug(literally) that burned off as it warmed up.

Hmm. I have the habit of thourougly cleaning things like this before turning
it on for the first time. The device surely isn't dust-free, but there
surely wasn't enough dirt to generate a cloud like that. The device *still*
smells, when turned on...

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