Re: PC-card (4)

From: john/lori (
Date: 2001-04-14 00:54:56

> Using an original C64 means you're stuck to the 1 MHz cyclus. The 8237 
> needs four cycli.

Run it at DOT CLOCK speed (the problem will be synchronizing it
to PHI2 I think, for that, I wouldn't actually use the DOT CLOCK,
I'd use a multiplier phase locked to PHI2)

> I already did some research to find out if I at least 
> could speed up a part of it but I found no holds to synchronize the 8237 
> with the C64 at the right moment :(

I think you want either single transfer or demand transfer mode.

I'm starting to get interested.  I was just considering myself
how to do some DMA relatively cheaply.  The more I think about
your questions and the 8237, the more feasible it seems. 

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