Re: Build your own REU
Date: 2001-04-13 23:08:14

Hallo David,

> The commodore REC (reu controller chip) is mainly a bunch of counters 
> linked to a few registers.  I've realized this, and have mapped most of 
> these counters on paper.  This is part of a project of mine to make a 
> 16-meg REU, using the whole third byte (bank pointer) instead of just a 
> few of its bits. 

I have done some paperwork as weel but haven't put it on the site yet. I'll 
look for it tomorrow and mail it to you. Maybe it is of some help at least.

> DRAM side:
> CAS0-CAS3, RAS0-RAS3   8 lines

I always wondered why AND CAS-lines AND RAS-lines were seppearted. I 
expanded some C64 by piggybacking DRAM and only not connecting that line 
which wasn't needed for refresh (CAS-line? I'm not sure right now).

> Let this roll around in your head for a while and see what spills out.

I always can help you with theoretical disputes and discussions :)

Groetjes, Ruud

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