Re: d418
Date: 2001-04-12 02:02:03

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001, Steve Judd wrote:

> Hola,
> Could someone give me an accurate technical explanation of how d418 works,
> and why that makes digis softer on later-model SIDs?

My (mostly, but likely not completely accurate) impression of what goes on

On the older SID there's a riding voltage that's always being put out by the
DACs.  This is what you hear when you're twiddling the volume register to do
digis.  The newer sid, afaik, simply doesnt have this riding voltage.  I'm
randomly guessing that its to make the audio cleaner during silent sections.

Ther reason the workaround (set a PWM of 100% duty up) works so well, is it
forces the DAC to a high output level, and allows you to twiddle the volume
and get an internal voltage to work with no matter which SID you're on.

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