Re: PCcard (2)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-04-11 09:03:08

> However, feel welcome to use d700

Unfortunally I need 256 bytes for the window PLUS some bytes for I/O. An
other solution is decrease the window to 128 bytes but I realy dislike that.

> Having said that, it is possible that all
> non-standard writes in the I/O region will
> be lost by the SCPU, and so only DE00-DFFF
> are only valid use by this and other projects.

My first reaction is: "that's the SCPUs problem, not mine!" but that sounds
a little bit selfish.
I have given a thought to this window problem and the only solution I can
think of is cart which disables the window in favour of carts using this
area. But this means extra hardware as these carts are in chain and _NOT_
parallel. And I also know some carts which use BOTH IOx-lines and therefor
cannot be used in combination with any other cart at all (like FC3).

I prefer the VIC-II de-mirroring solution: easy, quick and dirty :)

Flash idea: what about demirroring a CIA and using $D7xx?

Groetjes, Ruud

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