Re: Bil Herd and the Louisville C= Expo

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 2001-04-10 11:13:46

Jeri Ellsworth wrote:
> Iyyeeeee!!!! Yay!!
>   I'm jazz-ed and can hardly wait to here his stories
> in person.  A few months ago I spent over an hour
> talking on the phone about the C= days. His stories
> were so funny I was just about rolling on the floor
> laughing.  He has also helped soooo much with the
> video card.
> Jeri

Around 1993 Bil electronically visited the then CBM Forum on CompuServe,
and shared with us a few of his fascinating stories.

Sysop, Marte Brengle, saved most all of Bil's postings to a file which
can be downloaded from the subsequently named Vintage Computing Forum.

The file with Bil's fascinating stories, including, I believe, the one
about the real mouse who lived in his shoe, is available for downloading.

Alternatively, if there is interest, I can post it to the List.  It runs
about 35k or so.
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