Re: Bil Herd and the Louisville C= Expo

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2001-04-09 14:05:17

On Sun, 8 Apr 2001, rbernardo wrote:

>      On comp.sys.cbm tonight, Bil Herd announced that he will be attending
> the Louisville Commodore Expo on May 26 in Louisville, Kentucky.  Bil was
> the lead Commodore Business Machines engineer who was responsible for the
> development of the C128, among other projects.  He is also advising Jeri
> Ellsworth in her development of the 16/24-bit video board for the C64.
>       In the message he posted (see below), he hints of interesting
> stories from those heady days.

Interesting. I'd like to ask him some questions about the V364. What
arrangements for accomodation are there at or near the site?


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