Re: A new Commodore Ring

From: ken ross (
Date: 2001-04-07 12:38:36

>Some people complained about the fact that neither the original maintainer
>of the Commodore Ring nor Yahoo replies to any mail regarding the Ring. The
>ring itself has not been updated since a very long time as well. So I only
>can assume that the maintainer is "dead".
i joined the ring and was given a number of 342 - but the list it uses for
'all' only goes up to 163 and the mag commodore scene has a number in the
300's as well , so anything that revives the concept is welcome ,( as i'm
sure there's dead links in the list it uses ) .

>If the idea for a new ring is accepted, my personal intention is to keep the
>original names and logos

sounds good to me !


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