Re: Article PC-card
Date: 2001-04-04 05:31:50

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Frank Kontros wrote:

> Hello Ruud,
> gbhn> Questions:
> gbhn> - I studied the Prog. Ref. Guide but couldn't find this feature so I may 
> gbhn> asume that it is not on the 6526. Can anybody confirm, please?
> You mean 16 bit transfer?
> gbhn> - I know it is possible to connect a 6522 to a C64 and Frank wrote an 
> gbhn> article about it, but cannot find it :( Can anybody tell me where to find 
> gbhn> it, please?
> I can dig it up. I even have the working board somewhere with 65c22. I
> can send you the scanned pages (in german), that I used for design.

Lez' save some expense:  Set up two addresses for the 16bit port (which
would happen on a wide bus anyway);  Set the high address to load the latch
mentioned in my prior mail, and to NOT trigger chip select.  Then, set up
the low address up so that it triggers chip select. ;)

This can quite possibly be made into a general use circuit for a 16bit bus
(isa?), which can be banked into a small I/O region for such uses.

Note: if you're going to use the 65816, it might write the low byte first
when doing 16bit stores.  If so, simply latch the lower side, and trigger on
high. easy pickin's. =)


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