Re: Update on Jeri's board (fwd)
Date: 2001-04-03 14:31:53

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Professor Dredd wrote:

> Hiya Ethan!
> --- Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> > Personally, I'm interested in I/O more than
> > top-shelf graphics
> I'd really like to have the enhanced graphics for web
> browsing.

Aye.  The graphics are great, and are the original purpose for Jeri's board. 
Lez keep 'em.  However, a standard bus in a future version would be quite

> > Other than that, Ethernet
> > is my big favorite.  The only reason I've ever
> > considered sticking an ISA
> > slot on a C-64 was to mount serial or network cards
> > on it
> YES! ETHERNET would be awesome! I'd like to use
> ethernet to connect to my cablemodem.

I've been researching ISA in what little time I have.  It's a fairly complex
bus, compared to the c64, but interfacing it is NOT impossible ;)

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