MMF/SP9000 (was RE: Sticker)

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2001-04-02 22:15:11

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> What the SP9000 is?  The MMF is the same thing.  Check out this page... it's
> only the most awesome PET that Commodore ever made.  Heck.. it's way up
> there in the list of best COMPUTERS Commodore ever made, IMHO.

I have a set of the boards for this that I got from a local C= dealer that
went out of business several years ago.  They are new, in the box, ready
to stuff in a machine.

I haven't had enough time to play with them, but that is a very helpful
link.  I don't have the disks to go with it, just the hardware (including
installation instructions, IIRC).

I've wondered if it would be worth installing these in an 8032 or trying
to find them a new home while they are still new.  My lack of time for such
things makes the choice easy - I procrastinate.  :-)


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