Re: VIC-20 "all games in one" cartridge update

From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2001-03-30 19:34:59

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Subject: VIC-20 "all games in one" cartridge update

> My question is: how many people would be interested in this cartridge,
> how many have the skills and equipment to (a) manufacture, and (b)
> assemble the printed circuit board?  This will be a freeware product,
> since I think that SMD chips and boards are difficult to handle
> expensive equipment, it would be good to have the boards
> produced somewhere.  If someone knows a cheap place for doing this (I
> think etching, drilling and coating with the "green paint" that
> solder would be enough), I would like to know.  My friend has access
> some equipment, but it is not suitable for producing more than, say, 5
> prototype boards.

I am interested in buying one of these cartridges if they will not cost
too much.
I have a friend that, maybe, can manufacture boards: try to contact him
at (Alberto Rubinelli).
Also, I think a lot of my friends will be interested in this thing: try
to ask in the it.comp.retrocomputing newsgroup.

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