Re: FPGA (was Re: Color LUTs)

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2001-03-24 21:52:42

Ruud Baltissen schrieb:

> Hallo,
> I'm interested in to know more about FPGAs and VHDL as well. But can I as
> hobbyist work with FPGAs and related stuff as well? If I have to buy a

The FPGA-Technology is especially interesting for Hobbyist, because you don't
need a whole Factory to produce new Hardware-Chips.

To program the FPGA, you should take a Look at the internal Work of your FPGA,
(some are made of Lookup Table, you define a Function by setting Values for the

Lookup Table and connecting them approbiate).

VHDL seems to be the standard to programming FPGAs.

The Prices for a FPGA plus Development-Board seem to be $100.
(From the first Link of the List from Bryan)
Before FPGA, it cost you some $10000 to produce the first CPU/ASIC.

> $XXXXX programmer, nochance. Other (possible) problem, what leads/pins do
> FPGAs have, I mean can you still solder them using an oldfashioned iron or
> do you need special SMD-tools?

I am not sure, but there must be some Kind of Sockets, which should be easier
solder (than SMD).

Have Fun,
Andre Kaesmacher

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