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Date: 2001-03-22 05:48:52

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> How big is the actual board now.
  It's actually four boards right now.  1 to replace
the on-board dram with SRAM, one to interface the the
64's main memory, another to combine all the 64 roms
into a single and the video board itself.

  I think it will be 4x4 inches when it is finished.

The interface board and the video board are the only
ones needed for the video in actuality, but the SRAM
board for the c64 main memory is so I can eventually
remove the VIC from the system all together. (dram's
are refreshed by the vic)  

> Would be amazing if the actual chip would be the
> size of my Pinkie.
> How many Gates does this processor have in it so
> far.

  The one I am using now is about that size or smaller
and contains 10,000 gates.  This is plenty for the
Vic, but the cpu takes about 30,000.

  I just got in 15 of the 100,000 gate chips today and
this should be just about enough to fit the entire c64
on(about the size of four stamps).

>  Are the sprites working now?

  Nope, but the char and bmp modes work all work in
simulation.  Bill Herd whipped out a quick and dirty
sprite detection circuit that looks like it will work
fine. I'm working on the interface board now... I need
to eliminate the snow in the images from collisions of
two unsynchronized busses.  It has to be perfect if I
have two CPU's running separately on both busses...  A
little snow on the screen is hardly noticeable, but a
sure crash if the program losses on bit now and
then.(maybe a crash now and then would make windows
users feel at home machine :) )

> Good luck,
> -Terry Raymond
P.S. Are you going to the show?
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> Hi,
>   I't is just what I call my prototype.  It looks
> like it belongs in such a movie.
> Jeri

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