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From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2001-03-20 10:50:23

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> On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Steve Judd wrote:
> > Hey Chris!!
> > Where've you been? :)
> Nice to see you here again, Christopher!  What have you been up to all
> these years?
> 	Marko

England! I moved to Gateshead (across the river from Newcastle) in the UK
about four years ago.  I've been developing Playstation games for
Reflections Interactive.  One unreleased racing game plus Driver and Driver
2.  (car physics, police car AI, and about a third of the graphics engine).
My wife Jeanette came over with me, and I talked John West into joining us
last year.  Wasn't too hard; just had to dangle some next-gen console
hardware under his nose ;-)

I keep meaning to go to a demo party but haven't managed to get organised
about any competition entries, plus they keep clashing with other holidays I
already had planned.  I used to be so jealous of people living in Europe
because that's where the 'scene' was mostly based, but I'm even less
involved now than I was then.

I've done a teeny bit of c64 crossdevelopment on my Macintosh (cross
assembler + Power64), but nothing really of note.  As always, many plans,
but no releases since Finely Sliced.

I should try to get to Finland some day.  I've seen bits of the Netherlands,
Belgium, France, Monaco (last year's f1gp :), Egypt and lots of the UK.
Going to Italy (Capri and Naples) in a few weeks, fingers crossed.

My home email address is  I've got a website at, but there isn't much there at the moment.

Who else is in the UK?


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