RE: Informations about JiffyDOS
Date: 2001-03-19 05:02:00

>Of course it is a different case for 64HDD, which you maybe want to
>distribute commercially with Jiffydos technology. In this case that
>clean-room approach might be necessary, but since you probably analyzed the
>Jiffy ROMs already yourself, you can't implement it back into code
>You won't be able to prove that you didn't take code from the original
>source. Maybe it's best to ask them if they will allow you to do it anyway,
>who knows?

Interesting discussion regarding "clean-room" approach... as the
dis-assembly has been done by Mangus (not me) and my coding will be in 80x86
assembler, not 65x02, then is it perhaps distant enough... Because I'm
writing 80x86 code I can only implement the protocol and it is 100% obvious
that the code is not copied?!

I think asking them when I'm closer to implementing something is a
possibility, unfortunately, with JD support 64HDD it would be too close a
competitor to their range of HDD. In the past I've asked to purchase the
binaries via email and burn my own EPROMs to save on postage and costs, but
they would not oblige. I have since found a C128DCR at a flea market which
had the full CMD chip set for $5 (a lot cheaper...). 

Others I know have found CMD unsupportive as far as circulating the format
for their FD2000 disks (most of which has had to be reverse engineered for
64HDD to support the format).

I think we need to appreciate that they are still a commercial entity and
"hackers" are competitors....


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