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Not to be confused with the Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 in California
this September, there is the spin-off, second annual Vintage Computer
Festival in Europe.  (see below)  It's set for April 28-29 in Munich,
Germany.  I met Hans Franke, VCFe's organizer last year at VCF 4.0, and
he is a nice man devoted to promoting classic computers.  Too bad I
don't have time to make it to Europe in April to check out the
Commodore computers at that show!

                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group


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2nd Vintage Computer Festival Europe
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Vintage Computer Festival Europe 2.0
April 28 and 29, 2001 in Munich, Germany

The second annual European Vintage Computer Festival awaits you!

Our mission is to encourage the preservation of obsolete computer hard-
and software, to promote interest in researching and documenting the
history of the computer age ... and to have fun playing with old iron.

The Vintage Computer Festival is already a fixed entry in the Silicon
Valley timetable. Now it will also become an European event, celebrating
our computer heritage.

Let us return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when geeks were
geeks and floppies were really floppy.


Dozens of old (but still not obsolete) computers to be viewed and
touched. No barrier between you and your dreams.. (It may be a good idea
to ask the exhibitor before dismanteling his unit :)


A series of speeches will be given to describe some systems in detail,
discuss classic developments from today's perspective or other topics of
interest to collectors.

There will also be a VCFe-Excursion to a hands on life demonstration of
a real classic big number cruncher.

Flea Market

No system will be ever completely debugged, so we are offering part of
the hall to vendors to sell and trade historic gear. Anything is
possible - as long as the item is computer related and more than 10
years old.

Peoples Choice Award and Give Away

All visitors are called to vote for their favourite piece of history.
And unlike a constitutional poll, you may even win great stuff.

Are you ready for the NERD TRIVIA CHALLENGE?

The Nerd Trivia Challenge is your chance to prove just how much of a
geek you really are. You're pitted against two other nerds in a
game-show style contest of computer history trivia. If you end up the
Alpha Geek, you'll walk away with fame (and a great price). Think you're
up to the challenge?


Where, When and What ?


Mehrzweckhalle des ESV Muenchen Ost
Baumkirchner Strasse 57
81673 Munich


28th April 2001 from 1000 to 1830
29th April 2001 from 1015 to 1700

Admission     Pre Registration    At the Door

One Person
- One Day                         DM 10,-
- Both Days   DM 10,-             DM 15,-

- One Day     DM 15,-             DM 20,-
- Both Days   DM 20,-             DM 30,-


Further Information

The web pages are in a process of constant improvement (Is there any
static page within the web ?), so please stop by and check for updates.
Especially information about lodging and other attractions in and around
Munich during the VCFe will be added.

The VCF is an open event and depends on active folks to participate with
their own idea about our mission. Everybody is invited to raise his hand
and help to form the VCF community.


Contact Address:

Schweigerstrasse 6
81541 Munchen

VCFe Web Site:

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