Weisemann Interface manual?

From: Petri Andras (petri_at_mit.bme.hu)
Date: 2001-03-17 13:02:08

Dear C64 hackers,

I have found the item mentioned above (a C= IEC bus -> Centronics printer
interface) lately on a car boot sale; however, without any documentation.
The interface seems to work (i.e. the printer does something when I'm
trying to print on my C64), but does not print exactly what I want.

Is there anyone online with a manual? There are eight DIP switches on the
PCB, and I don't really like to try all the combinations... (I've already
found a schematics on a WWW page mentioned here on the list, but it
doesn't help much in finding out the settings of the switches).

Best wishes

Andras Petri

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