Help identifying C= chips

From: Mark (
Date: 2001-03-16 23:23:54


I can some Commodore ICs. Does anyone know which computers they were used in?

MOS 6509R7. Date code in 1983.

PALs. For all of these the C= part number is printed on the chip, so they
would have been programmed at the factory:

 380713-01  TI PAL20L8ACNT. Date code 8710
 380714-01  TIBPAL16L8-25CN. Date code 8701
 380715-01  TI PAL20L8ACNT. Date code 8710
 380717-01  TIBPAL16R6-25CN. Date code 8710
 380763-01  TIBPAL16L8-25CN. Date code 8710
 380764-01  TIBPAL16L8-25CN. Date code 8710
 380765-01  TIBPAL16R4-25CN. Date code 8710

Some other PALs are covered with labels:
 390398-01 (C)1989 CBM

My guess is that most of the PALs are Amiga-related. Perhaps Amiga 1000, early
A2000 or expansion cards???

-- Mark

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