Re: PB5/PB6

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-03-16 14:40:24

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> When writing datato the floppy, PB5/PB6 determine the distance between the
> bits. (See: My question: Is
> there a way to determine what values PB5/PB6 had by just reading the disk in
> one or another way? Nibblers can, but how do thet do that?

They can't, they just try all combinations and see if they read correct sync
marks. I think the most advanced nibblers can "detect" the speed of each sync
and the following data, but I think it's impossible to guess the speed of a
single byte, since you don't know what the correct value is. Maybe Markus
Brenner knows more about it, he disassembled Burst Nibbler 1.9 and created a
PC-based nibbler based on this. But I think speed detection is not done yet. should get you to him ;-) Damn, no, broken link. works.

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