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From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 2001-03-16 10:32:21


For those who are interested in sending attachments to people who are not so
"fortunate" to have MS Outlook Express, I have found the adjustments so
other (older) emailprograms can handle attachments as well. I have only one
small problem and that is that I use the Dutch version. So the translation
(or or worse, the location I give you) can be wrong.

- click to "Extra" at the top of OE and click "Options".
- you get a box with tabs. Choose "Send" (? Verzenden). In my case bottom
row, second from the right.
- the folder you see now is divided in three parts. The first part has
little sqaure boxes you can mark with a "v". Skip this one. The next two
give you the choice between "HTML" and "Plain text". Choose the last one.
- To the right of this choice is a button marked "Adjustments for plain
text", push it.
- A folder opens with in it a box where you have the choice between "MIME"
and "UUENCODE". Choose "UUENCODE".
- Press OK to leave this folder.
- At the bottom you have 3 buttons: "OK", "Cancel" (?) and "Use this" (???
Toepassen). Push the third one and then OK to close everything.

I would be pleased if anyone could check this out and give me the English

Groetjes, Ruud

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