RE: Informations about JiffyDOS
Date: 2001-03-16 09:01:07

>> The main issue I feel is copyright vs patent.  CMD has the copyright to
>> JD code, but has the transmission protocol been patented.

>I don't think so.  I searched the patent database at
<URL:> for CMD.  The search returned 31 results for
>at least three different companies: Custom Machinery Design, Inc.,
>Appleton, WI; CMD Electronics, Inc., Charlotte, NC; CMD Technology, Inc.,
>Irvine, CA.  There was nothing about communication protocols.
Thanks for that!

>How could one possibly copy the code?  It's for a different hardware.
>Copyright doesn't cover ideas or algorithms; it only covers the way they
>are presented.
Copyright includes code snippets, not just the whole thing verbatum... so
you'd have to re-code the detection methods etc (ie waiting for the 1541 to
pull data low in between after transmission of bit6 under ATN, etc)

>Too bad that the C64 or C128 version of JiffyDOS can't be distributed
>freely.  Someone who already has a copy of it must reverse-engineer it
>(mainly detect the differences from the original KERNAL) and make the new
>version.  Once a JiffyDOS compatible KERNAL for the VIC-20 is finished
>(no, I'm not claiming I'd do it), it could be used as a base for
>developing a JiffyDOS compatible KERNAL for the plus/4.
Try this link for a complete dis-assembly, including notes about the various
subroutines.  Its not the binary though!

- Nick


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