Re: jeri's board - memoryy

From: John (
Date: 2001-03-13 16:29:18

Professor Dredd writes:

>I'm not certain how other computers (ie PCs) do 16-bit
>color. The reason I want at least 16-bit color is that
>I already know most web pages view perfectly well at
>640x480x16-bit resolution.

It's usually either 5,5,5 or 5,6,5 - 5 bits for each of reg, green, and
blue (with one left unused, or used for alpha), or 5 for each of red and
blue and 6 for green.  Let's not go into how much fun it is to manipulate
such images on a processor that can't shift more than one bit at a time.

Of course, 16 bis per pixel would give you a lovely monochrome image :-)

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