Re: LCD64 Update /Help

From: John (
Date: 2001-03-12 14:43:58

Ruud Baltissen writes:

>> * would turning off the clock to the 6510 reduce power during "sleep" mode
>> and is the 6510 static or dynamic??
>Running a Rockwell 6502 on 250 KHz made it crash. As a descendent I fear it
>is dynamic.

All of the NMOS 6502s (including the 6510) use dynamic logic.  The CMOS
ones don't, and they require much less power anyway.

I haven't tried, but I suspect that reducing the frequency of an NMOS part
won't noticably affect power consumption.

>There is only one way to find out and that is by changing the
>frequency of an original C64. And that may be difficult because of the VIC
>and merely of the refresh.

The 6502 in the 1541 might lend itself better to this kind of fiddling.
Write a program that blinks the light as long as the results of many
assorted instructions remain OK.  Wind the clock down until it dies.  Also
measure the power consumption while you're doing this.

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