Re: HELP w/ C-64 Accelerator
Date: 2001-03-11 22:58:01

Aan 10-03-01 11:52, in bericht 
<>, Professor Dredd 
<> schreef:

> Hiya Craig,
> Nope, I think M.V. has got it right. Its a "Turbo Process".

I own such a RoBmoeller Card. The only thing is that it seems to be 
brooken. I got it WO a CPU. Some years ago I got a load of tubes with ICs 
and one of them contained seven 65816 5 MHz :) Immediatly tried the card 
but.... nothing :( I put it in a cupboard to see better times. 

As sais already, the card has 3 potis, some PALs and 64 KB of SRAM so it 
doesn't look like Proffs Card.

FYI: I just found out there is a disk with it. No idea what's on it but 
just to let you know. I also have the "Bauanleitung", the description how 
to build and test it.

Groetjes, Ruud

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