Re: Jboard...Bleah...

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2001-03-10 17:59:09

Jeri Ellsworth wrote:
> Sorry guys, but I sure don't like the Jboard name..  Maybe something
> more "Racey" like "Extreme 24 bit All In Wonder Video Solution
>" :)  Or maybe not.
> Jeri

How about the Commodore 66? - everybody now: "I get my kicks on the
Commodore 66!"  - (Non-Americans my not get this, it's a play on the
song Route 66.)  Or maybe Grace or Hopper after (Commodore) Grace Murry
Hopper, as a homage to females in computing.. (just an idea.) (=))

As for video modes vs features I would think 16 bit with the extra
goodies, manly because there have been great of interest in two 64
projects latel, one, a very large capacity hard drive (>4GB), and two,
an ehternet (or other network) connection.  Get the EIDE and ethernet
firmware (or an ISA card slot to put a cheap card in) and you would make
many potential customers happy.  I also think the RS-232 is very useful too.
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