Re: 6502 core / 128 mode (re: J-Board) (fwd)

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-03-10 11:16:52

I for one vote for the 65816 option! The linear
addressing and extra opcodes are TOO GOOD to pass up!
In fact, we could go one-step-beyond and come up with
a core for a 65832 or 65864. If I'm gonna dream, I'm
dreaming BIG!  :-) 

It would be best to include both cores and make it
software switchable. In fact, EVERYTHING should be
softswitched. I don't like having to manually
reconfigure my SuperCPU/RAMLink for every application
as it is.

As far as getting a core and working with WDC, I
haven't the foggiest. All I'm recommending is that the
design should accommodate future developments like

I'm assuming that you're EMULATING the bi-directional
programmable I/O port as well as the extended DMA
capabilities of the 6510 within the CPLD. That would
make sense.

Louisville is on my calendar and I plan to be there
with CASH IN HAND for at least one unit.

Umm, oh yeah, have you considered the possibility of
maybe ... ETHERNET? I'd be thrilled to be able to
connect my C-64 to my cablemodem!

Best wishes and good luck to you Jeri, and THANK YOU

--- rbernardo <> wrote:
> Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 10:21:18 -0800 (PST)
> From: Jeri Ellsworth <>
> To:
> Subject: 6502 core / 128 mode
> Hi,
> I wanted to let everyone know that the 6502 core I'm
> planning on using
> does not have the 65c816 instruction sub set. :(   (
> Patents and the core from WDC is very large.)  I may
> look into putting
> a socket on the board so one could put in a
> 65c816... No promises..
> I also have no clue at this point how to make it 128
> compatible, but I'm
> going to worry about that later.  So keep your Super
> CPU's everyone.
> Jeri
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